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Being Human | Sadhguru

"When our humanity overflows, divinity descends," Sadhguru tells us in this video. Looking at the reason why our humanity can get "constipated", he tells us that devotion allows our humanity to find expression, and stresses the importance of devotion as a way of being, rather than as an act.

Sadhguru Talks @ Anaadhi, III, USA, Jun 2010

Humanity is Headed for Disaster, Unless… | Sadhguru | World Population Day 2018

Sadhguru looks at how human population today stands at 7.3 billion. No matter how much we strive, irrespective of how efficient our vehicles and devices get, the planet will be insufficient if human population continues to grow. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to address this fundamental issue of expanding human population, Sadhguru says.